How to Tie the Perfect Bow for Gifts
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How to Tie the Perfect Bow for Gifts

We’ve all been there. Bought the perfect gift for a loved one. Something we’ve really thought about, researched, stretched the budget to afford. Then it comes to wrapping it and, let’s be honest, we’ve let the side down! Your well thought out gift ends up looking like something a 5 year old wrapped, and then it got chewed by a dog.

Well don’t despair! Not only can we help you find the perfect gift in the first place (shameless plug for our online gift shop here!), but with help from our wrapping blog posts such as how to wrap awkward gifts we can help you make it look amazing too! Today, we’re going to talk about how to tie the perfect gift bow.

Does my Gift Even Need a Bow?

Not necessarily! These days, there are lots of ways dress your gift that doesn’t have to include bows. We’ll probably get to a blog post all about that sometime soon!

Alternatives to bows can include stickers, ornaments, tags and foliage. Our Pinterest and Instagram pages have some great inspiration on alternatives.

What colour bow should I use on my Gift?

This really depends on the type of wrapping you’ve used and the look you’re going for. But here’s some of my thoughts if you’re not feeling too inspired:

monochrome wrapped gift

For patterned papers, the easiest trick is to go for a plain ribbon in one of the colours in your paper. 

This black bow works because it stands out against the mainly White background of this paper, but pulls out the black accent pattern at the same time.

As long as the colour of the bow is virtually identical to the main colour of the paper, you can match that too. As you can see, it doesn’t stand out as much, so the paper and the tag really become the hero of this wrapping, but it still creates a nice, more subtle finish.

merry christmas gift tag on presents
beautifully wrapped gold gift

If you’re using a plain paper or box, you can really go with anything you like. A similar colour will look smart and sophisticated, a contrasting colour will add some real interest and style. Even clashing colours can work here if done right.

What type of ribbon should I use?

There are so may styles and types that create endless possibilities. I tend to keep it simple.

If the gift is small, then I opt for a thinner ribbon, so as not to overwhelm the overall look.

For larger items, you can go for a wider ribbon and I think, the wider the better. You’ll get a more luxurious look, and your bows will be much more flamboyant.

Again, when it comes to what the ribbon should be made from or what the finish should be, there’s endless possibilities. I personally tend to opt for a thicker quality woven fabric in a matte finish, but satin ribbon always looks lovely too. I tend to avoid the cheaper plastic style you curl yourself as it’s hard to make this look unique and premium.

Should every shaped gift have a bow and ribbon?

Standard box-shaped items are by far the easiest to make look beautiful with a ribbon. Anything soft and you’re in danger of tightening too much and tearing the paper. But most things can be tied with a ribbon, you just need to approach every shape differently.

Best Simple Bow for Beginners

This simple bow just ties round one side of the gift, thus uses less ribbon. Ideal for beginners or the less creative to give your a simple but luxurious look. The key to this style of bow, is using a quality, thick ribbon.

The all-the-way round bow for Beginners

Tying ribbon all the way round secures your gift more, prevents the bow slipping off in transit and can give a more professional look. Here you’ll see top tips to get it right every time.

A bit fiddlier, but worth the effort!

If you want to combine the look of the first two bow styles, to make something really simple but beautiful, give this Tiffany Bow a try. It’s not too difficult, but will make a big difference to the look of your gift.

Intermediate Pom Pom Bows

Although these require a little more skill and patience, they’re no where near as tricky as they look. Give one a go – they look stunning on boxed gifts with matching ribbon tied around.

For the wow factor - not for the faint-hearted!

If you’re looking to create something even more dramatic, especially for a larger gift, then you have to give this a go. We just love the colour combinations she used too.

For a unique look

This tutorial actually starts by showing you how to get the wrapping paper effect. If you want to see the whole tutorial including that, click here. For this blog, I just wanted to show a different way to tie the ribbon that’s simple but effective.

Hopefully this article has encouraged you to try some different techniques next time you wrap a gift for a loved one. We’d love to hear if you tried any of these techniques and how you got on! Share pictures of your bows on Instagram with us by tagging your photo’s with #giftdwrapping.

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  1. Where was this post when I was wrapping my Christmas presents?! Bookmarking for next year because I need all the help I can get!

    1. Thank you! Hopefully we’ll have some more help for you by then!

  2. This is sooooo useful. I cannot tie bows to save my life and thought I was so silly for not understanding how and I get so frustrated 😩 This is really useful and I might need to try it given all the February and March Birthdays coming up 🤯 x

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