OMG… What do I buy them for Valentine’s Day?!

OMG… What do I buy them for Valentine’s Day?!

It’s 2 weeks to Valentine’s and we do this every year. Act all surprised when it’s nearly here! I don’t know why. I don’t know why. It’s the same date every bloomin’ year!

Well don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Most of us only buy a token gift anyway. So we’ve a short selection of our top picks for all types. Let’s see if we can’t solve your Valentine’s woes.

Gift for the Dapper, Stylish & Hip Man

What man couldn’t find a use for this handy folding mirror? Ideal for travelling especially on a budget where you don’t always get the shaving mirror you need!

With it’s own folding stand, and dapper travel pouch, our folding mirror is ideal for men of all ages.

By Rex London, this men’s shaving / grooming mirror may be small in size but it’s big on usability. Because it’s so portable, you can angle it to see under the chin, pesky nose hairs and unruly eyebrows enabling you to groom them to perfection.

Don’t buy him the usual chocolates this year – get him something better for his waistline and smart to boot.

For the Young, Young at Heart & Animal Lover

Ideal for young and old, animal lovers, beauty addicts and pop culture fans, our Korean Beauty Sheet Mask is enriched with brightening cream to lighten and brighten the appearance of all skin types. No need to worry about whether it is right for her skin whatever her type or age.

Best of all, it makes you look like a panda while you’re wearing it! The clever sheet is soaked in brightening cream, so you simply unfold it, positioning the eye and nose holes over your own, and press the sheet to your skin. Then, simply relax and let the brightening cream work its magic while you look as cute as a panda!

This single use mask is idea for use before your big Valentine’s Day meal out to make you feel like a million dollars.

For anyone with Wanderlust

This really is a great gift for all! Anyone that loves to travel, or indeed wants to travel, will appreciate our World Map Scratch Map.

Simply scratch off the countries as you visit them to reveal a colourful map underneath. The countries that are left unscratched become your bucket list of places to visit!

Supplied rolled in a gift tube, ready to hang on the wall and map out your next destination. Just use a coin to scratch off the country you’ve just returned from each time.

Perfect for men and women, young and old it also says “I want to travel the world with you”. And who wouldn’t love to hear that?

If you just want to play Ping Pong with your loved one

If neither of you are really into Valentine’s but want a fun gift that you can both enjoy, then our Glow In the Dark Ping Pong set is for you! Or him… Or her!

Easily attached to any shiny surface such as a dinner table or coffee table, for hours of ping pong fun. You can even play in the dark thanks to the ball and bats glowing in the dark!

Set includes a net that attaches with suckers, ball and two bats. All presented in a fun gift box.

Perfect fun for 2! Who says Valentine’s has to be soppy?! Break with tradition this year and do your own thing.

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