Mens Socks Fun Designs Hot Shots Sock Exchange (Set of 6) Mens Odd Socks United Oddsocks


Gift box of 6 odd socks with bright designs to feet, plain black to leg – the ideal gift for dad, brother, husband or uncle.

  • Set of 6 odd socks to mix and match as you please
  • Supplied in a smart gift box
  • On-trend neon designs

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Our United Oddsocks set of 6 Mens Odd Socks are an ideal quirky gift. The clever design hides the bright patterns in your shoes, showing only black above the shoe. Great fun for men of all ages, 6 odd socks means no more struggling to find a matching pair. Simply grab whichever 2 you fancy and combine them for a unique look. Don’t waste time looking for quirky gifts for him – treat him to our Mens Odd Socks and he’ll be forever grateful. The ideal gift for dads, uncles, brothers and friends. Also ideal for teenagers and students.


Each sock features a bright and fun design. No two socks are the same, so no more trying to match pairs out of the wash. Our Mens Odd Socks are also supplied in a smart gift box. Composition: 80% cotton, 19% polyamide, 1% elastane and 100% fun. Size: EUR 39-46, UK 6-11, US 7-12.


Five Reasons Why Socks Make Great Gifts” is an article on Huffington Post. Their 5 reasons are: 1) They’re not expensive, so you can give a nice gift without spending too much money. 2) Socks are cosy, so they instantly make the receiver feel warm and fuzzy. 3) Everyone wears socks – there’s no one they’re not suitable for. 4) You don’t need to know someone’s shoe size to give them. 5) Socks with a personality can show the person how well you know them.


Who hasn’t spent time searching for a matching sock when they should be on the way to work? Our odd socks mean you can just pick any random two single socks and wear them together. They coordinate but don’t match. What better gift could you give to someone you love? And our Hot Shot designs look just like a plain black sock when worn with shoes, so you can wear something fun without showing the world. The perfect gift for businessmen! Made from quality materials, they are stylish and long-wearing. And everyone needs socks, so you know that your present will be used.


United Oddsocks are the original odd socks brand. They have an amazing eye for detail and design. Many have tried to imitate, so you may find a cheaper set of odd socks elsewhere. However, I can guarantee they won’t be as good quality, as well designed or as beautifully boxed as United Oddsocks. The recipient won’t be anything but thrilled to receive a United Oddsocks gift set.

For more United Oddsocks, visit our United Oddsocks brand page. Also check out our ladies odd socks, girls odd socks and boys odd socks.

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Size: EUR 39-46, UK 6-11, US 7-12.

Composition: 100% neon (not really, 80% cotton, 19% polyamide, 1% elastane).


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