Travel Power Bank Charger Flamingo Bay 2000mAh Portable USB Charger Rex London


Mobile phone always dead when you need it most?

  • Universal power bank – use your phones existing USB cable to charge without mains
  • 2000mAh capacity
  • Includes a 20cm micro-USB cable

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Charge your mobile wherever you are, without the need for mains power, with our Flamingo USB Charger.

Flamingo Bay portable USB charger by Rex London with a fun flamingo design. Compact size ideal for travel in both the UK and abroad. Keep it charged and always on you for emergencies.

  • Powerbank measures: 9cm x 2.5cm.
  • Includes a 20cm long micro-USB cable.
  • USB output for charging a variety of devices.
  • Approximately one full phone charge (may vary due to model and age of phone).

How many times a USB charger can recharge your device depends on the chargers capacity, as well as on the capacity of the device itself. This is measured in milliampere hours (mAh). A Samsung Galaxy S9 has a battery capacity of 3,000mAh, while the iPhone X packs a 2,716mAh battery. Larger devices, such as tablets, have much larger batteries. To work out how many times a charger will recharge your device, divide the charger’s mAh rating by that of your own device.

Give the gift of an ever-charged device and they’ll be grateful every time they see that low battery warning!

Technical specifications:

  • Input: DC 5V-800mA.
  • Output: DC 5V – 1000mA (max).
  • Capacity: 2000mAh.
  • Standard: GB 4706.18-2005.
Material: Metal, Plastic, Lithium Battery.
Width: 7cm, Length: 16cm, Height: 2.5cm, Weight: 95g.
If pink is just not your thing, consider our World Map design Portable USB Charger.


Rex London

Additional information

Weight84 g
Dimensions16.5 × 7.3 × 2.4 cm


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