Fairytale Odd Socks Fairytale Friends UK 9-12 (Set of 6) Girls Odd Socks United Oddsocks


Gift box of 6 magical odd socks – the ideal gift for girls.

  • Set of 6 odd socks to mix and match as you please
  • Supplied in a lovely gift box
  • Pretty whimsical designs

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Our United Oddsocks set of 6 Fairytale girls socks are the perfect little gift. Great fun for girls, 6 odd socks means no more struggling to find a matching pair. Just grab whichever 2 you like and combine them for a fairytale look. Don’t waste time looking for unusual gifts for girls – treat them to some odd socks and they’ll be over the moon. Fairytale Gift Socks are the ideal gift for all little girls.


Each sock features a cute fairytale-themed design. No 2 socks are the same, so no more matching pairs out of the wash or finding your little girl has mixed socks not meant to be odd! Our Fairytale Girls Socks are also supplied in a lovely gift box. Composition: 80% cotton, 19% polyamide, 1% elastane and 100% fun. Size: EUR 27-30.5, UK 9-12, US 9.5-13.


The “Five Reasons Why Socks Make Great Gifts” is an accurate article by Huffington Post. In brief, they are: 1) They don’t cost the earth, so you can still give a present without breaking the bank. 2) Socks are cosy, so they instantly make the receiver feel warm and fuzzy. 3) Perfect for everyone – because everyone can, does and should wear socks. 4) Sock sizes are easy to get right – you don’t need to know their size to buy them. 5) Giving the right socks can show them how well you know them.


We’ve all had to spend time searching for a matching sock when they should be on their way to school. By having odd socks, they can just pick any two random single odd socks and wear them together. They coordinate but don’t match. What better gift could you give to someone you love than more time and less effort? Made from high-quality materials, they are stylish and long-wearing. And everyone needs socks, so you know that your present will be made worn.


They are the original odd socks brand. Some have tried to imitate or copy United Oddsocks but none are as good in our humble opinion. They have an amazing eye for detail and design. Yes, you may find a slightly cheaper set elsewhere, however, we doubt they will be as good quality, as well designed or as beautifully boxed as these. We’ve never known anyone to be anything but overjoyed to receive a United Oddsocks gift set.

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Size: EUR 27-30.5, UK 9-12, US 9.5-13.

Composition: 100% magical fairytales (not really, 80% Cotton 19% Polyamide 1% Elastane).


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