Gifts for Everyone – A Gift Revelation
A gift Revelation

Gifts for Everyone – A Gift Revelation

Finding the perfect gifts for everyone you have to buy for can be a real challenge. And it’s not just Christmas – there’s birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, christenings, housewarmings, thank-you’s, retirements and everything in-between. The list is endless. Over the years I have come across a few sites that I’ve returned to, so I’ve spent a lot time thinking about why I like them and what they have to offer over the larger sites.

I’ve also worked for some gift companies in the last few years so have a good understanding of the industry. I know what kinds of gifts do well, where they come from and what kind of price they should be. I know which sites have been around a long time, how they’ve grown and what kinds of products they specialise in.

How the business was born

This business has been a long time in the making. My many years as a retail buyer have honed my eye for product. I’ve seen product selection and retailing done well as well as very badly! Drawing on this experience, I have built this site to make your shopping experience the best I possibly can. It will be starting small, as I only have a small amount to invest initially, but I’ll quickly learn what you like and re-buy based on that feedback. The site will be run much like a market trader. So we need you to vote with your feet. If you see products you love, please buy them. That way, we’ll know to keep buying them for you!

I’m sure I will get some product selections wrong, but as I learnt early on in my career, if you’re not getting it wrong sometimes then you’re not taking enough risks to find some real bestsellers. You’ll find a lot of my personality on this site. After all, this is my business. So I want to invest my money in products I believe in and feel passionate about. I don’t want to just replicate what businesses I’ve worked for in the past have done. This has to be my business that way if it works, I can really be proud of it.

I know hundreds of suppliers here in the UK as well as across the world, many of whom I will be calling on in the coming months. The relationships I’ve built with them over the years will mean I can offer you great products at great prices. Show me a gift being sold in the UK and there’s a good chance I’d know where to source it from. I’m not sure if that’s something to be proud of or very embarrassed about!

What we’re aiming to do, is make gift buying easy for you. Gifting can be so painful when you don’t know where to start. We want to become your go-to gift shop for any gift occasion, not just for products, but also for ideas for wrapping and presenting gifts. We want to inspire you to buy great gifts and strengthen bonds with friends and family because of it.

Who we’re aiming the business at

This isn’t something we have thought too deeply about so far. Sourcing products we love, and designing a site that appeals to us so we can then see who is naturally attracted to our range of gifts and the appearance of our store. What we are seeing from early sales is that we are appealing to a good mix of men and women buyers. They are also buying gifts for a good mix of men, women and children.

Everyone has to buy gifts, so really we should appeal to all walks of life. The type of gifts we sell will dictate more who you’re buying for. And we want to have as wide a range of gifts as possible to ensure we can cover all your gift buying needs.

Where the business is going

That’s really up to our customers! But we’d love this to become a larger business, employing a workforce. We’d love some pop-up shops around Christmas too, with maybe even a permanent shop in the future.

By learning about the gifts you like to buy, we will continue to expand our range slowly. We’re aiming to find products that are great value, on trend and unusual. While there may be products here you can find elsewhere, we hope some will be new and surprising to you. We really want to hunt down the most unusual and desirable gifts we can.

Unique cards and wrap could also be on the horizon, along with a gift wrapping service to enable you to order your gifts and have us wrap and deliver direct to your recipient. We will also be looking into exporting as soon as we are able to, starting with Europe and expanding to the rest of the world.

Initially, products will be sourced here in the UK. However, we have extensive experience of Buying from all over the world. This means that as we grow, we can look to source from outside the UK. We also have developed many products of our own over the years and would love to start developing some of our own exclusive lines as soon as we possibly can. This is really only going to come if the business grows to the size where we can import larger quantities from abroad.

Do you always want choice?

I never had any intention to compete with Amazon. Who can take them on? And sometimes, it’s not about choice. Too much choice can leave us stressed out and unable to think clearly and make a decision. Who has time to look through page after page of products hunting for something you’re not too sure of. You might know you need a gift for your sister, but have no idea what to get her.

If you have similar tastes to me, I hope that you will find the smaller selection of products on gift’d online is enough for you. Our ideas are spot on for your list of gifts to buy for friends and family, saving you time and stress.

Is gifting always about price?

Also, is giving the perfect gift really about price? It’s not for me. I know we’re not bottomless pits, so I won’t be selling things for thousands! But I tend to have a rough amount that I am willing to spend on each recipient, and don’t spend any less if I find them a bargain. That just means I now have to look for something extra!

What we’re really all looking for is the right gift that will touch the recipient. That isn’t going to happen by buying a token gift because it’s within your £20 budget. Spending the right amount of money doesn’t automatically mean it’s the right gift. It could happen if you spend 95p on a set of nail files for your best friend that are small and fit in her handbag. After all, she’s always snagging her nails and asking to borrow yours!

To give a gift they’ll love, it really is the thought that counts. It isn’t the time or effort you put in. It isn’t how much you spent. And certainly isn’t where you bought it from. It’s the feeling you want them to have when they open it and see the thought you put in just for them. And that feeling is priceless. It strengthens relationships, builds trust and gives both giver and receiver a sense of satisfaction.

What we’re all about

Gift’d is a curated selection of gifts for everyone in your circle. We’ve got great product that are value for money and a site that’s easy of use. Why do so many companies make it way more complicated than it has to be?

Here at gift’d the products are very much to my taste. I’ve spent years sourcing products that fit my bosses idea of the businesses I was in. It’s been really freeing to finally be able to make my own choices and decisions. I really want it to be about trends, such as the flamingo’s that are everywhere right now. Along with this, I’m always drawn to unique, unusual and functional gifts.

I have a quirky sense of humour which I hope will start to come through on the site, on social media and through your correspondence with the company. We all really want to buy from people, not large faceless businesses. I want that to be a fundamental part of gift’d online.

Giving something back

We’re not all about selling here either. We love to give you something for free. That’s why you’ll find our extensive blog catalogue helpful for selecting gifts, wrapping them and everything in-between. You’ll find we’re pretty unbiased in our blogs, recommending products we don’t sell where appropriate. So please make use of our research and knowledge, and do leave us comments on how you’ll be using them!

As we begin to make a profit, we’ll also be looking into giving something back by giving to charity. This is likely to be local to us in and around Manchester and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on that.

We’d love your feedback

If you’d like to get in touch, we are always happy to hear from you. Visit our contact us page to connect with us, comment on our blogs and leave reviews on the products you’ve bought. You can also review us on Google and Trustpilot.

Social Media

We also love hanging out on Social Media. Who doesn’t?! We don’t expect you follow us everywhere, but here’s a quick run-down of what we post where:

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Thanks for Joining us

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