A Gift from the Gods: 5 Last Minute Gift Ideas under £10
5 Last Minute Gift Ideas under £10

A Gift from the Gods: 5 Last Minute Gift Ideas under £10

Have you still got some last minute Christmas presents to buy? Or have you finished your Christmas shopping only to recall you’ve got birthdays coming up at the end of December or January? Don’t panic – we’ve got you covered with some great gift ideas for various recipients, all of which you can purchase right here on our site. A gift from the gods!

Teenagers, or any other phone addict

Aren’t they just the hardest to buy for? Most teenagers need to be surgically removed from their phones, so you can’t go wrong with one of our Portable USB Charger. Simply charge up, and keep on you so if you’ve no access to mains power, you can still top up your battery wherever you are.

Babies Up To Toddler Age

Nightlights are a thoughtful gift for newborns up to toddler age. They help give a sense of warmth and eliminate pitch blackness in their rooms, giving parents a more peaceful night too. Our cute snoozing cloud version is totally unisex and great value to boot – you are giving a true gift from the gods!

Arty Types, Young or Old

Anyone with creative flair will appreciate a crafty gift like our modern calligraphy kit. Ideal for children that are proficiently writing to retirees with plenty of time on their hands. Everyone will love to create modern writing styles with this complete kit.

The 9-5 Office Worker

If all you know is that they work in an office, then this is the gift for you. You can’t go wrong with our fun Ice Lolly Highlighter Pens. They’re sure to brighten the dullest day in any office and make you the gifting guru.

The Traveller (Or Wannabe Traveller!)

We’ve all got friends and family that love to travel, or at least have a bucket list of places they want to visit. Our fun scratch map will egg them on and give them destinations to aim for across the world. 

We hope you found something here to solve your gifting dilemmas. We’ll be back with more helpful gift ideas soon. 

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