There’s More Than One Way To Tie A Scarf…
And Here;s a few of our favorite ways

There’s More Than One Way To Tie A Scarf…

We’ve added a pretty cactus print scarf to the gift’d range, and it got us thinking – what’s the best way to tie it? What about all the other scarves we own?

We’re all guilty of it – buying a brand new scarf, then wearing it in exactly the same way as we did our old one. There’s nothing wrong with that, but certain designs will favour different tying techniques. And different tie styles may actually complement your face and body better than others. More than anything, you can get so much more use out of your favourite scarves by learning different techniques. Read on to find out a bit more!

Never mind “how to tie it”, why wear a scarf in the first place?

  • The List advocate scarves for a bigger bust as they break up a larger expanse of fabric, or can help conceal a cleavage in lower-cut tops.
  • No need to agonise over which jewellery pieces will look best with an outfit, The Simply Luxurious Life recommend letting a scarf take centre stage.
  • Shorter ladies need not feel left out – Live About have some great ideas for not drowning a petite figure.
  • Already pretty recommend thinner scarves for those worried about stronger shoulders or shorter necks.
  • Over 40? Frocknet say scarves can be timeless and flattering by following a few simple guidelines.
  • Over 60? You’re likely to own more than the average number of scarves – Sixty and Me have some helpful tips for getting the most out of them as well as when buying new ones. Scarves are ideal if you’re self-conscious about your neck as you get older.
  • Woman & Home have an interesting article about colours and which suit you. They also advocate scarf wearing to those that love to wear black to brighten any look.

How to wear a scarf?

There are literally hundred of variations, from the chic to, frankly, ridiculous. Here’s some of our favourites as demonstrated by Dominique Saschse.

We’d love to hear how you wear yours – comment below. We hope you found this blog useful and thanks for taking the time to visit us here at gift’d.

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  1. Love all these ways on how to wear a scarf! They all look so fashionable and classy. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Thanks, Aika! We’re so glad you enjoyed it!

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