Shopping for Christmas Gifts
What's your plan of action?

Shopping for Christmas Gifts

It’s that time of year again! Where we’re all going crazy shopping for Christmas gifts.

Normally, I like to have all of my Christmas shopping done by the end of October. It means I can relax in the lead up to Christmas and also that in November and December money isn’t so tight. We can then enjoy the festivities such as Christmas markets and parties without worrying about the pennies.

I know that a lot of people like to wait until much nearer the day, sometimes until Christmas Eve. I think this is partially because lots of people don’t like shopping. Some will say that they get a better deal if they can wait until later, as many retailers start discounting long before Christmas these days.

For me, I just feel like if I leave it too late, I end up panicking and buying gifts that are probably a bad decision. I end up buying items that I wouldn’t have bought for people if I’d taken time to look around more or think about what kinds of gifts they might want.

Maybe the perfect technique is to know what you want to buy. Create a list. Wait until closer to the day to see if those items are discounted. I might end up trying this technique this year!

I’ve always thought that someone is missing a trick by not building a foolproof app or site that helps you come up with ideas and create lists. I came across Giftster. You can share lists of what you’d like with friends and family, as well as setting up secret Santa groups. I know that means that you get what you want, as do your friends and family. Is it just me that feels cheeky asking for any gifts? I feel gifting should be about getting something someone else thinks you would like. Just my opinion.

How do you organise your gift shopping? Are you someone that is shopping for Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve? Or do you start buying your gifts in the January sales the year before?!

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